Awards and Citations
Selected Awards include:
Academy Awards Hart Perry - Director of Photography
for American Dream '90 and Harlan County, USA '76

3 Emmy Awards Hart Perry - Cinematography
IDA Award Hart Perry -Producer and Co-Director
Sun City '85
Cable Ace Award Hart Perry- Director, Dana Heinz Perry- Segment Director
Leonard Bernstein's New York '97
2 Monitor Award
Telly Award
Hart Perry- Best Director
Dana Perry- Best Editing Nomination
Rhythm Country & Blues
Stetsasonic "A.F.R.I.K.A."
Peabody Award
Cine Golden Eagle
John Hammond: from Bessie Smith to Bruce Springsteen '90
MTV Award Nomination
Grammy Nomination
Peter Gabriel: POV
long form video '91
Monitor Award Hurricane Irene
Platinum Homevideo Aerosmith, Public Enemy, Scorpions, POV
National Endowment for the Arts Grant Hart Perry '91
Guggenheim Fellowship Hart Perry '71

Perry Films