Haiti: Killing the Dream

PBS 1992- Jonathan Demme presents this documentary about the coup in Haiti.

Producer, Co-Director-
Hart Perry

Co-Producer, Editor-
Dana Heinz Perry

photo: The priest who became president, Father Jean Betrand Aristide.
In February 1991, filmmakers Hart and Dana Perry journeyed to Haiti to document events surrounding the inauguration of that troubled island’s first freely-elected president. They were struck by the spirit and poverty of the world’s first Black republic, which had once been the richest country in the hemisphere.
Seven months later, President Aristide was overthrown in a violent coup. Although the new regime posed dangers to journalists and filmmakers, Perry returned to invesigate the terror of this tragic event. The resulting film, Haiti: Killing The Dream, presented by Jonathan Demme and Edward Saxon, captures the hardship and dignity of the Haitian peopIe, and the pacifism and determination of their elected leader.

1st Prize-Latin American and San Juan Film Festivals

Screenings- NY Film Festival, Human Rights Film Festival, Berlin Film Festival, Havana Film Festival

"The film” Haiti: Killing the Dream” deeply moved me by showing not only the pain and suffering of the Haitian people today, but also the hope and potential for the beautiful Haiti that Is dawning tomorrow. I ask all Americans and friends of Haiti to seeit. They will truly understand and feel the Haitian people’s fight for democracy.” -President Jean-Bertrand Aristide


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