Peter Gabriel's POV

Concert longform video.

Hart Perry

Peter Gabriel, Dana Heinz Perry

Dana Heinz Perry

Executive Producer-
Martin Scorsese

1989- A 90-minute concert longform wich incorporates the unique vision (point of view) that only Peter Gabriel could have. The filmmakers sifted through hours of Gabriel's own home movies shot while on several world tours, as well as films taken by his parents.


Nominated Best Longform- MTV and Grammy
Platinum Home Video


"...a streamlined synthesis of its recent predecessors... [it has] a profound historical edge from the Live Aid Production." The Village Voice

"...a concert video with many layers..."The Washington Post

"Peter Gabriel is a master of the video form. So you expect this tape to be special. It is."People Magazine

"Fans will be well please at this look at a performer who is just as interesting off-stage as on." Billboard

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